Rob Zimmerman

Moving to Remote Work

My job search, and leaving the office behind

Right around the beginning of 2015, I began my search for a new position. After transitioning to full-time software development in 2013 in a role that mixed PHP, Obj-C, and Ruby projects, I felt the time was right to make the move to something that would allow me to spend most of my time on either Ruby or iOS development.

Initially, I was . . .

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April 11, 2015

Resources for Learning Ruby

with a dash of Rails

In preparation for the first meeting of the Piedmont Ruby user group, I've assembled a list of what I consider the essential books and other resources for learning and improving your knowledge of Ruby and its associated frameworks/tools. What follows is a general list of resources for beginners and experienced Rubyists, respectively. As . . .

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April 01, 2015

Automating Static Code Analysis for Pulls

Automate everything, or die trying.

I spotted a news items this morning regarding linthub. Capitalization styles aside, it's great to see another tool available for public repos that automates a common task that you should be running when committing code to a project.

For a developer, time is everything. It takes a certain amount of time to get in the zone, a certain amount . . .

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February 04, 2015

MongoDB 3.0 Announced

Releasing in March 2015

I'm a big fan of MongoDB, and have used it in the past on a handful of Rails projects. It's my favorite non-SQL database for my apps running on Heroku. If you're new to Mongo and want to get started with it as a backend to your Rails apps, head over here.

Today marks the announcement of MongoDB 3.0, which looks to be a pretty . . .

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February 03, 2015

Ruby Block Formatting Guide

... in my opinion, anyway.

When I first started writing in Ruby, one of the things that drew me to the language was that many common tasks can be written in multiple ways. While this initially threw me off as merely a novelty, I eventually came to love that by using different ways to performing the same logic operations, one can actually imply the thought process . . .

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January 25, 2015

Diet Sweet Tea

What's got no calories but isn't "unsweet?"

I freely admit that I'm a child of the North (meaning the United States, north of the Mason-Dixon line or even further delineated by the Maryland-Virginia border). Living in the South, I do miss my actual Philly Cheesesteaks, Wegman's, and Wawa (which has only made it as far south as Virginia, discounting Florida).

One thing I do . . .

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May 05, 2014